Beauty Fades But Elegance Is Timeless.

We are lucky to live in an era where imagination is the only true limiter, with efficient production solutions, magic like composites, CNC tooling, and ever-increasing engine power, anything can be done.

We are also lucky to be involved in such a passion-driven industry, after all, boats remain mostly produced by hand, produced by people who can take some textile and few chemicals and turn them into life long enhancers, it is hard work and the pay of? It is knowing that we contribute to the quality of life of our clients.

The name of our brand truly reflects what we are about, it is a fusion of the words Emirates, Emotion, and Ocean, Emocean Marine accurately describe who are, passionate and emotional builders, and what we do, produce products that create intense memories for a very long time.

From day one, we explored the globe to define our products range, engineer our production process, select our material, and hire and train our people, it was a journey that led to our boats being developed in three continents, North America, Europe, and Asia, and built by teams that represented  15 nationalities, all united in our belief that we will make some of the world’s best boats.

Our range of boats is best described as a representative range, what this really means is that while most manufacturers focus on a certain category such as fishing, watersports, or cruising, for example, they then build similar boats at varying sizes trying to appeal to a wider price range. We, on the other hand, identify the best size for each category and develop one model that is absolutely optimized for the function, this is why Emocean has in its range a small stylish pontoon boat, a skiff, a luxury sports boat, a high-performance boat, a massive 61 footer center console and a luxury cruiser, each representing the best in class attributes such as a smooth ride, optimal space utilization, and ease of maintenance.

While being a small company, and as a part of our material choosing and sometimes material developing process, we have forged relationships with marine developers all over the world, these relationships have led to us gaining direct access to the best solutions on offer, ultimately securing the industry’s best equipment list on our boats.

We often refer to our process as equal parts science and magic, but the truth is that we know that ratios are important, and nowhere are they more important than in the styling, this understanding ultimately led to the way we proportion our boats with constant ratios and uninterrupted lines leading to the instantly appealing yet timeless style, we call Powerful Elegance.


Nothing embodies powerful elegance as much as the Arabian horse with its well-proportioned physic, raised snout, and muscular stance. A long time symbol of Arabia, it was the inspiration behind the brand, ultimately, that led to the interpretation of the Arabian seahorse, and our brand icon from day one.







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